AnaTechINC - Why Golfers Choose OOFOS When Off the Course

Modern golfers look for clean and contemporary shoes that match their style and their agendas. Shoes receive extra marks from the golfing community for versatility and comfort, especially from those who suffer from foot pain. Golf Fashion Weekly featured OOFOS in a golfer lifestyle footwear review, commenting that the OOfoam recovery material and unparalleled arch support help anybody’s feet feel rejuvenated after a long day of walking 18 holes, carrying bags, and putting added pressure on the feet, ankles, and knees for a good golf swing.


“I walked over 45,000 steps on concrete flooring of the Orange County Convention Ctr. during the 3-day PGA Merchandise Show while wearing OOFOS OOriginal Footwear (thong sandal). I was astonished…no foot pain, body aches or fatigue. It amazed me that a thong sandal could provide such incredible support and comfort.”

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