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Anatech products are sold through medical facilities, pharmacies, orthopaedic or prosthetic outlets, home health care and sports stores. Depending on the outlet and your location the retail price will vary. Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-667-3442 or 604-273-2836 to find an authorized dealer in your area.

If you are a dealer and have an account, please contact customer service at ,

1-800-667-3442 or visit the Dealer Section.

If you are a dealer of orthopaedics, home health care or sports medicine products and do not have an account, please fill out the dealer application form or contact customer service at or 1-800-667-3442.

Anatech is a Canadian distributor and manufacturer of various quality products. At this time we do not export outside of Canada.

We recommend hand washing all garments with a mild detergent (phosphorus free) and laying flat to dry. Do not use bleach. For washing instructions on a specific item, please view either the packaging or the label found on the product.

Anatech does offer custom options for the majority of products we manufacture. Most commonly, we manufacture custom knee supports, which are made using measurements provided by our customers. This is done by accurately taking a circumferential measurement of the thigh at 6" above mid-patella, at the patella, and 6" below mid-patella at the calf. More measurements may also be taken for a uniquely shaped leg or if a longer support is required. Please keep in mind it is best for a certified fitter to measure the leg for custom sizing. With these measurements, we are able to generate a product that is truly specific to the patient’s size and needs. Custom measurements must be given in hard copy, so please fax or email the order on the custom order form provided in the Our Policies section

Please contact customer service directly to place an order.  We take orders via phone, fax and email. 

* Please note: Custom orders are not accepted via phone as hard copy of specifications and measurements must be provided.

Please contact customer service directly as soon as possible with any alterations or cancellations to your order.

Please note, certain exceptions apply:

  • If a custom or special order has been placed: If product already processed or shipped, it can no longer be altered or cancelled

If you believe that you have received the wrong product or there is a billing discrepancy, please contact customer service within 72 hours of receiving product or invoice.

Each product has specific sizing guidelines to help you choose an appropriate size. 

If you do not fit into the specified product size range, please contact customer service for further assistance to see if we are able to custom manufacture the item for you.