AnaTechINC - Why are people still doing the penguin shuffle?

Eggs musicYou won't be doing the penguin shuffle any longer if you wear an Evenup while walking in a cast or walking boot!  It's something so simple, yet so incredibly effective...

The Evenup Shoe Device helps to prevent back, hip, and knee injury by leveling your gait while wearing a cast, walking boot, or wound healing shoe.  Wearing an Evenup can make all the difference to your recovery and is the perfect answer to eliminate costly extended rehab after cast removal.

Many people who find they face unexpected issues after walking in a cast or walking boot for an extended period.  The uneven alignment can cause great stress to the body, particularly in the lower back, which can result in long term pain.  The rehab to recover from this secondary pain sometimes takes longer to heal than the original injury. 

Be proactive and wear an Evenup! 

  • Fits right or left shoe
  • Comes in just 3 sizes
  • Adjusts from 1cm to 2cm lift


For more information on sizing and use visit the Evenup product page